Trials and tribulations of cycle class.

I arrived early, changed, and found an empty bicycle off to the side and near the back of the room. I set up my bike and started pedaling, waiting for the class to begin. It was the noon hour, and I was here only for the day on a single day’s pass to the gym.

A friend walked in and took the bike next to me. We hadn’t see eachother in a few weeks and were eager to catch up as our legs pedaled along. I was trying to follow what the instructor was telling us to do, but it was difficult to hear her over the music (even when not chatting away), and I was getting a great workout regardless.

Shortly into the class, I look up and the instructor is off of her bike and telling my friend and I to be quiet. Damn. The chatting was the best part!

My friend didn’t notice the instructor and kept talking. I stayed fairly quiet but hadn’t shared the instructor’s directive after realizing that she clearly hadn’t heard. Or didn’t want to listen?

Not to be deterred, the instructor got more vocal in front of the class telling us to stop talking.

We resumed the ride in silence.

2 thoughts on “Trials and tribulations of cycle class.

  1. I would venture a guess as to where this class took place. I have heard two other stories of people being told to be quiet in a paid for fitness class. Each felt embarrassed, humiliated, and then angry. Time for a new instructor if you ask me.


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