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My name is Liz Smith. In 2017, I started blogging about triathlon. After a few years doing long-distance triathlons, it occurred to me that I learned a bunch that I wanted to share with the world. Then, on October 4, 2018, I decided to start writing daily. I shifted from writing about a particular topic, and simply share musings about the world and living our best lives. I enjoy it for my own benefit, and occasionally I hope others will find something interesting as well. I wrote daily until November 14, 2021, and now I write when moved to do so.

In the rest of my life, I live in Juneau, Alaska and am an attorney and the owner of Liz Smith Law – a firm focused on estate planning and representing small business owners throughout Alaska. My husband and I have two dogs and love to travel to warm beaches to go diving and see the world.

I am also an integrative nutrition health coach, and while not very active with coaching right now, I intend to re-integrate coaching back to my life in some form at some time. I still have some timeless content available on my coaching site here.

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