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I originally started my blog about triathlon. I called it TriLife.blog. But then I switched as my life switched and I focused more on musings about life and called it EJS’ Blog. In 2021, I realized that while I want to keep writing about living our best lives, I also spend most of my time figuring out how to build a business that I freaking love. There is so much to figure out with a business, and we can learn as much about ourselves as we do about how to run a business. Thus, I now shamelessly speak to small business owners.

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My name is Elizabeth Smith, though I usually go by Liz. In 2017, I started blogging about triathlon. After a few years doing long-distance triathlons, it occurred to me that I learned a bunch that I wanted to share with the world. Then, on October 4, 2018, I decided to start writing daily. At some point I shifted from tying my daily blog to triathlon. There is only so much I could tie life into the trilife, and my life started shifting away from triathlon and towards other passions.

I switched to EJS’ blog. Just my initials, with the freedom to write whatever I want.

But on May 17, 2021, I decided to pivot again to writing for business owners. Just as I was with triathlon after a few years of training, I have more experience running a business now and want to share what I’m learning. I also spend most of my time thinking about business, so I might as well allow myself to shamelessly write about it.

I share my thoughts and struggles on my path to lead a fulfilling life & building a business I love. I hope that others who are also interested in leading their best lives with their best businesses find some of my writing meaningful.

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