What we keep.

Pouring through boxes of photographs...I recognize that this will not be a 'problem' in the future because everything is digital now. Are we organized enough to save the digital pictures? Does it matter - how often do we go through pictures anyway? And which of these hard-copy pictures, still in their bags from the grocery [...]

Being prepared.

I am currently staying in a place in between a large metropolitan area and a small mountain town that may be evacuated soon due to forest fires. On the main Street there is a steady stream of cars going each direction... I would imagine that summer coming from the metropolitan area to their second home [...]

Breaks in our routine.

Getting away from our typical routine allows reflection on our patterns which allows us to make big-picture changes from a better vantage point. When in our day-to-day sometimes it's more about survival- for better or for worse. For some, that escape may be a weekend hike or a day without being connected to screens. For [...]