My super duper bike nutrition

Pesto pasta for breakfast on the bike…and more typical bike nutrition.

I live the Trilife. It’s all about fitting triathlon into life. This morning my early morning nutrition for my 4 hour bike ride slash breakfast was leftover pesto pasta. Some carbs, fat, and even some veggies (as the pesto was a kale base).

Later in my ride I enjoyed 2 dates, a date/hazelnut/cocoa disc from Trader Joe’s, and another food item from Trader Joe’s that is a little bite size mix of coconut, dried fruit, and nuts.

Probably not the method you will find in tri books, maybe not the best riding while eating a full meal in a bowl, but I’m still moving the legs and it works for me. It’s nice to get the hours in early and it helps to just hop on the bike with my meal. I also brought in my cup of coffee later into the ride. Yes, I get off occasionally to go to the bathroom, get more food, etc.

As for overall food on the bike – I do stick with whole food. I usually avoid the super sugar products on the market. I can eat fairly substantive food on the bike, so I do. This has included dates; figs; bananas; nuts; trail mix; items I bake or prepare for the purpose; baby food with grains, fruit, and vegetables; potatoes cut into bite sized pieces; peanut butter sandwiches cut into bite sized pieces; different granola bars and other things I have found near and far.

Liquid nutrition can get far more complicated. More on my experience in a day or twoish.

bike nutrition