Work Life Fit

You are a young child again. Imagine balancing blocks as high as possible before they fall over. Then imagine fitting those shapes into the box where they only fit in their specific right spot. Which seems more certain, less precarious? I was recently introduced to the concept of work-life-fit as opposed to work-life-balance. Cali Yost [...]


Trying to please everyone feels very noble. Yet who does it really serve? In fact, how often does it cause harm by leading to group-thinking instead of thinking for yourself? Better sometimes to set boundaries and to stick with them. This helps others and yourself though it may be harder in the moment.

Profit and purpose.

As a business owner it is amazing how many other businesses I can and do support. I currently have about 10 different software subscriptions. And I often have occasion to buy gifts for clients or community members who referred my services. This purchasing power means that I can decide on a regular basis who and [...]