We can seek guidance to speed up our learning curve, but some lessons, it seems, humans must learn for themselves. Every new person in a profession cannot simply be handed the knowledge passed on from the last person that learned it, instead we must slowly but surely obtain information and experiences. Through that learning we [...]

Evaluating Risk.

I recently bonded with an accountant over the aggravating downside of risk in our professions. He shared that accountants often do not provide tax strategy advice because they fear being held accountable if a strategy doesn't work. And attorneys often are hesitant to do something for a client because of the risk associated. Maybe we [...]

Being in public.

Sometimes I look at people who move with confidence and create a presence in a room and draw others as of it's bad. How can you feel so good about yourself in this world? But what if I held myself that way? What if you held yourself that way? What of we own it and [...]