Making do when needed (in this case when you screw up)

Making do when you do not plan gear well for race travel and race day.

I will be writing a race report of Ironman Cozumel soon…in the meantime I am sharing a make-do story. 

Awhile back I wrote a post about options for bike hydration systems. I shared that I had one that sat in the lower cage and has a straw that comes up by the handlebars. I also think that I mentioned it is difficult to clean. 

Well…as I was packing to head to a race just the day before leaving town, I couldn’t find that hydration system! I am pretty sure I threw it away after my last race because it was so filthy and time to replace it. But then I promptly forgot about it, and this fall all of my long rides were inside so I didn’t look for it. Ooops! By the time I realized it, I knew I didn’t have time to ship it and there is no store in my town that would carry anything similar. Thus, my best bet was the race expo which usually has lots, and lots of gear. 

Now, I have to start realizing that I have only done one other race (twice, but same race), so when I say ‘usually’ it shouldn’t mean much. And as it turned out, I found only one bottle in all of the expo. It is the sister to my old bottle, except it sits between the handle bars and is supposed to slide into a cage in that location. Since it was the only option, we bought it and brought it home to figure out how to make it work. 

Turns out that electrical tape worked great over nearly 8 hours of bumping along on the road. I also found it very easy to fill. Probably not much easier than my other version, though I probably spilled less on myself.