A plain protein powder

A new favorite protein powder.

I do not know how I didn’t discover this sooner, but I recently tried this Pure protein powder from Ancient Nutrition. It has about half the calories of many protein powders and no added sweeteners. (This company usually uses Stevia which is better than many other sweetener options and far better than sugar, but it is still something I would prefer to avoid). It was perfect for a post-long-workout protein shake. I have occasionally been making a quick protein shake right after a long workout to have at least part of even before my shower, and then I usually make more of a meal right after a shower — but this ensures that I quickly get some protein. When I do that, I do not want a full smoothie – mostly I just want the protein – and this is a great option. I did add some cocoa powder for some added flavor, as well as some of the other powders that I use for smoothies (such as spirulina).

This is a bone broth based concentrate, so it would not work for anyone wanting to avoid animal-based products.

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