“Eat” alert.

A few initial thoughts on setting an alarm to eat during a long workout.

I have written about my nifty watch a number of times (and here and here and here). One of the features I haven’t mentioned (because I hadn’t used it) is that you can set alerts so that it will beep to eat or drink at certain times. (Different alerts so you could set it to alert you to eat and to drink at different intervals. Also, you can base it off of time or distance or calories burned).

I recently tried the ‘eat’ feature on a long ride – every 30 minutes. It was an indoor ride and I always thought it seemed a bit silly because I can just keep track of my watch and keep my schedule easily.

From my single experience, I think that I should keep experimenting. It seems like something that could be helpful to me. Somehow it created more accountability for me to actually stick through that schedule and keep it up throughout the entire workout.

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