Shoe size

Consider getting running shoes one size larger than normal.

I mentioned recently when discussing running socks that if you get blisters, hot spots, etc, then consider a new pair of socks. It could of course also be the shoes; but besides a different shoe model, consider the size as well.

I initially started using shoes one size larger than I normally wear when I was long-distance hiking in a trail running shoe. The temps were high and I was literally walking all day long with fairly quick eating breaks. My feet were swelling in these conditions and it made sense to go a size larger.

Somehow I have started doing the same (a size larger) for all running shoes. I find that I am less prone to blisters. While feet swell more in warmer temperatures which we do not get often, the larger size still helps. I had really forgotten this until recently when I received the wrong size shoe. The tag had the right size, but only after my first long run with them did I realize that the actual tag on the shoe was my ‘normal’ size. Running in them is doable, but my feet really don’t feel great afterward.

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