A light running jacket.

A light running jacket that I love!

Years ago I decided to try a running jacket, something I had seen marketed and on others but had yet to try. This single purchase has now traveled many, many, many miles with me and oh how great it has been.

What I love?

  • It is ultra light, I can hardly notice it is on, and I could pack it up really tiny for travel or to put in a running pack if I am worried about changing conditions if climbing or out for a long time.
  • It has a hood. This is great added warmth when it is quite cold.
  • While it still gets wet, it repels water enough that I do not feel so wet and bogged down as I would without it.
  • It protects me from the wind and keeps me warmer when it is cold; yet it is light enough that I can wear it over a t-shirt on a rainy summer day and feel okay.
  • It has a pretty large back pocket for my phone and a poop bag, as well as a holder for my key.

What I hate? Nothing about the one I have! Unfortunately I cannot find it on the market anymore; but I have seen many of this type of thing on the market. My label is mostly worn off, but I can read that it is 100% polyester, and as I said it is just super super light. I know there are other, thicker shells on the market that may have their place, but why take the bulk if this lightness works? (ie, I haven’t had a desire to shop for anything different given my conditions). If you do not have one and do occasionally run in cold, wet, or windy conditions – then I highly recommend something like this!

Still smiling after 2 hours in the pouring rain (and slush).

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