My top tips to reduce chafing while living the Trilife.

Either chafing is a part of the trilife or I’m missing something really really big. I suspect it is more common with females (because we have to wear an extra close-to-the-skin layer, ie bras), and for those of us with ‘extra curves’, ie more skin to skin contact. But, I suspect even the thinnest of males have experienced chafing.

Despite its inevitability, there are some things I have found that help. I can only speak as a curvy female, but here are the things I have learned through trial and error that reduce the amount of raw spots on my body:

  • Choose running pants or shorts that do not have a tie in the front, at least for long runs. This tends to rub me raw when I am out for longer than about an hour.
  • Wear shorts or tights that I can wear without underwear (tri shorts are a great option) for long runs. Avoids an extra layer that can cause chaffing.
  • Ensure that I have tight shorts so that there is no rubbing. Those loose running shorts that leave thighs able to rub against each other just do not work for me!
  • Wear bras that I can clasp on at least the second set of clips so that there is more padding covering my back.
  • Still…put on body glide or something similar under the bra strap.
  • I have had shorts on a tri suit that have rubbed me where they go around my thigh. They just cut into me and it was painful, but I love the suit and design. Using body glide where they rest on my thighs helps a lot.

The longer I am out, the more likely I am to chafe in surprising and different areas, but these basic tips keep things running pretty smoothly for training days; and after a long race, well, I can just recover and probably take sick enjoyment in my battle scars.

Good luck. In part this may be just part of the trilife, but I also know that at times it has been unbearable. There are different levels, if you are miserable out there, there is some solution that will lesson your misery! Don’t give up!

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