Fighting off a cold.

Elderberry syrup appears to be helping me fight off colds.

I’m guessing about 18 months ago I heard about Elderberry Syrup as helpful to fight off colds. I found it in a bottle looking a little like cough syrup and have been taking 1-2 tsp when I start to feel a cold coming (which for me tends to be a tinge of a sore throat).

I am on my second bottle now and it seems to be working. I cannot recall if I have gotten sick since I started taking it, but I do know there have been a number of times where I thought something was coming, and after a day or two of Elderberry Syrup, I didn’t get sick. Maybe placebo, maybe effective, maybe other things I also do when I feel a cold coming, and probably a combination of the above; but it appears to be promising enough that I plan to keep using it.

This is an “alternative” medicine and information about it has a lot of “may’s” in it – “Elderberry syrup may boost your immune system” for example. But it definitely is very high in antioxidants and Vitamin C.

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