Foot pain and bike fit.

A minor difference in my riding had a tremendous impact on nagging pain.

Prior to this most recent race, during the bike portion of the last two Ironmans I did, I got tremendous foot pain on the outside of my left foot. After the first part of the run it went away. I never felt it in training.

Most of my training for races was indoors on the trainer, which one rides much differently than outside. Still, all I could think was that it had something to do with my feet swelling in the hot weather where races are and that I don’t experience at home. I also thought it might be related to a prior stress fracture in the same area.

Fortunately, the day before this past race I was telling this story to someone who rides a ton and knows a lot about biking! She also apparently has a bit wider hips. She said that she has a mini spacer to extend pedals out just a bit. Otherwise, she demonstrated, her knees would be forced out and pressure in her foot would be on the outside instead of focused on the ball of her foot.

Obviously I couldn’t fix my bike right then, but I used this information on race day to focus on keeping my knees in and the pressure through the ball of the foot. This shifted focus greatly reduced the pain in my foot!

Now to find a great bike fitter…

But it’s an amazing demonstration of how tiny adjustments can make a huge difference and the incredible importance of a good bike fit!!!

So thankful for the tip!

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