A sweet mistake.

Laughing at myself for a dumb, sugar-filled food purchase.

I have written recently about habits and how they can be linked to location; and also how changes in your schedule can help you shift. Sometimes it is so easy to get locked into a way of thinking, and it can be difficult to break out of that pattern.

I am experiencing this with one of the most addictive substances – sugar. It really truly has addictive properties that are extremely strong.

The American Heart Association recommends no more than 36 grams of added sugar per day for men, and 25 grams for women. But we do not need any added sugars to our diet. Not long ago, as in probably 2-3 months ago, I tried to cut out nearly all added sugars from my diet. I did this quite successfully, and once achieved it wasn’t hard to maintain.

Then I let a little bit creep into my diet when Ironman training really ramped up. And then a little more, and a little more. On vacation I enjoyed gummies, cookies, chocolate, and store-bought salad dressing on a regular basis. The re-addiction was back, and I just didn’t worry about it on vacation.

Now that I’m home, it is my intention to go back to very little added sugar. Yesterday I went to the store and decided to get a snack. I didn’t want anything sweet and was feeling quite in control of what I was eating…but then I bought fruit-filled yogurt!!! Three of them actually. This is one of the most sugar-filled items on the market. Really. While plain yogurt can be a fantastic addition to a healthy diet, some fruit-filled ones can have 20 grams of sugar alone, or more! And I know that; but somehow I wasn’t thinking. Perhaps it’s just that I’m in the habit of eating sugar.

Another day, time to move on and continue keeping out sugar! I have to just laugh at my mistake, and I wanted others to know that I think it happens to all of us at times!

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