When junk food tries to get healthier.

One of the podcasts I listen to (Side Hustle School) has recently been sponsored by Dunkin Donuts. The ad, read by the host, focuses on two ‘healthier’ options involving egg whites and some spinach and other ‘healthy’ ingredients. I think one item is a sandwich (with whole grain bread…still unhealthy) and maybe the other is a bowl of some kind.

I’m torn by this ad. If you have to go into Dunkin Donuts for some reason, then I suppose that these items are slightly better for you than the donuts on display. But if you have any interest in donuts, then even if you don’t buy them right then, seeing them is going to screw with your mind. Willpower expended not buying the donut will affect willpower later on.

I don’t particularly like donuts, I wouldn’t think of going out to buy them. However, if I am staring at them, I am going to start thinking about them and I assure you that I will want one. Arousing that desire for a donut could lead me to unhealthier choices later in the day or even another day; even if I never actually eat the donut.

I don’t think I’m alone in this. Thus, I think that while Dunkin Donuts may be trying to appease to a healthier lifestyle, they are not necessarily helping consumers at all.

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