Misc. thoughts on traveling to Bonaire.

I recently spent about a week in Bonaire. I wrote about some preliminary information here, and about our experience diving here. In this post, I will share a few final thoughts and observations about our visit.

  • There are lots of donkeys wandering the island.
  • There are flamingos! Lots of them. How cool!
  • There are lots of goats wandering the island.
  • There is a national park on the northern end of the island. You must pay a small fee to enter, an the road is one-way. There is a small and a large loop. They say the large loop takes about 5 hours without stopping. That’s a bit of an exaggeration (in our experience) – but it is slow. I 100% would recommend that you spend a day touring the park. It is only open specific hours – get there close to opening so that you are not rushed to get out before closing. We saw awesome coral formations, there is access to sandy beaches, there are places to view birds, and there is interesting terrain. There are also a number of dive sites. We did two dives in the park and they were a couple of our better dives.
  • There is kite surfing and windsurfing on the island in different areas. We didn’t partake.
  • Food is quite pricey. Be prepared. For example, we had lunch at a local spot in Rincon. It was the type of place that we expected to be really cheap and it was rated on Trip Advisor as one of the top cheap eats places. There was no menu and we didn’t ask prices. The meals ended up being $15 each.
  • When a cruise ship is in town, the roads get much busier.
  • There are lots of lizards. At one spot when we had lunch after our dive, it was clear that the little lizards were habituated to food and we were surrounded by colorful little faces wanting food. Most people would find them cute, but there were too many for me to find cute.
  • From my perspective, for a non-diver that doesn’t like to sunbathe for days (or even hours), I think it would be a great place to visit for about 4 days.

Those are the additional thoughts jumping out at me. Happy to answer more questions if you decide to plan a trip.

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