Cooking at home.

If you eat out often and live in the world in late March 2020, you are probably going to have to start cooking for yourself a lot more often. I hope this is exciting – an opportunity to learn to cook quick and simple meals! Many people think they should eat at home more often…but it is a nagging ‘someday I should’ item that they don’t get around to. Well, now’s the time!

A health coaching friend of mine has decided to start live streaming her dinner prep! What a great idea! Check her out here (it’s a Facebook page, and I hope the link worked – if not, search on Facebook for “The Nutrition Doula” and she – Alasen – should pop right up). Her focus is on helping pregnant women, but I suspect her meals will be geared towards families with young children too, as she has a couple of her own. Might be a great family activity if you are home with the kids – you can teach them to cook too!

And here is Alasen’s website…just cause or if you do not have Facebook.

It’s also a good time to play around with ingredients you have on hand to see what happens. The other day I took some leftover brown rice and decided to make pancakes with it. I added some liquid (milk), dates to sweeten, a couple of eggs, some baking powder, a whole bunch of cinnamon, and then some almond flour to thicken. They were delicious!

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