You only get a first time once!

Remembering the joy, fear, and anticipation training for my first Ironman.

I am scheduled for my third Ironman in just 6 weeks! I have been so busy with career changes and unexpected travel that it just hit me in the last couple of days how soon this is. With a three week taper, this puts me in peak training mode right now. I am training as much as I can given my current life changes, and able to follow somewhat of a modified plan between the ‘just finish’ and ‘intermediate’ programs in Be Iron Fit book.  I had a 4.5 hour bike ride on my trainer this morning and will participate in a half marathon tomorrow. These are not easy for me, but in a way I am used to it. This is why I keep wanting to sign up for the long-course races–I like this lifestyle! But I am still nostalgic for that first time around.

When I was training for my first Ironman, at this point in training, each new ride was longer than I had ever before spent on a bicycle, and I was filled with anticipation about race day. I had no idea whether I would really be able to complete the full distance in the time allotted. I was training a lot, but not the kind of distance race day would bring, and certainly not all back to back.

Now, while something could always stop me from finishing, I feel confident that I can do the distance. I am slow and still worry about cut-offs, but deep down I know I can do it.

first tri