A plan.

Having a concrete, step by step, plan is amazing! Training for a triathlon is easy when all you have to do is look at your plan each day and do what it says. But to create that plan, one must have a goal. What race? What length? What date? Then you work backwards to figure [...]

Pick me.

Who will volunteer to take on this task...? If you wait long enough someone else will probably raise their hand. But is that a good thing? Some of us need to be reminded that it's okay if we aren't always the first to raise our hands. Others of us could likely benefit tremendously from raising [...]


When we have an area of expertise and people come to us seeking our advice, it is natural to want them to take advice possibly with minimal explanation as to why you are suggesting a particular action. But some people need to understand the ins and outs or something thoroughly. It doesn't mean they don't [...]