What happens if we open ourselves up to allow in miracles? What does a miracle even mean? Is it possible that you shut out the impossible because you don't believe? Do you think you're too small and not worth it? There may be more available to us than we want to believe.


I think sometimes in our desire to want to help others, we do things that we think are helpful and yet they're not. I had a boss who used to randomly give people free leave. this sounds great, except you never know whether you would have to take unpaid leave or get paid. Plus it [...]

What is my value?

Whether you run your own business and bill for services or are an employee within an organization, you make a decision about what to charge or what to ask for. There's so much that goes into the decision of what you are worth. I spoke with someone recently who charges much less for services than [...]


I have been a bit stuck on thinking of my long term goals. Then someone asked, in an attorney Facebook group I am a member of, what our big life and business goals were. The answers were fascinating and all over the board. Hearing what others' wanted to do somehow unlocked my brain to come [...]

Great ideas.

Another great idea flew through my mind. In the shower, on my bike, while going to sleep. I feel like I will hold onto it forever, and even think - of course I will implement it. But then the idea is gone, and certainly not implemented. Most of the time I don't even come close [...]

A plan.

Having a concrete, step by step, plan is amazing! Training for a triathlon is easy when all you have to do is look at your plan each day and do what it says. But to create that plan, one must have a goal. What race? What length? What date? Then you work backwards to figure [...]