My 4 legged running partner just got newly outfitted

Just showing off the little mutt’s new gear.

This is Sophie. She is my running buddy. We have been using a leash that attaches around my waist for awhile now, but the latch was coming loose (ie she could shake at times and suddenly be leash free)….and while she is generally a good running partner, she pulls towards other dogs, and we run on the road most of the time so if she gets loose it could be real trouble and very possibly a flattened Sophie.

So, I decided I needed to fix the potentially serious problem, and we just had our first run with her nifty new set up. The harness was purchased because I have one chest harness for her but it seems to chafe under her armpits. I have been using just a head collar, but also have been worried that she would pull out of it. Now she’s ready to roll, or jog…in style. I didn’t even realize the leash and harness match until it became light out on our run!

I hesitate to include what I bought because after just one run I would not recommend them until further use. However, I will include that warning and provide links anyway. Feel free to ask me questions in a few months or a year and I will let you know how they hold up. Harness. Leash.