My trilife.

Brief personal update since this blog was originally about triathlon and I mentioned that I was training for St George (which was scheduled May 2, 2020) but then just yesterday said that I wasn't doing really long workouts. As my training was starting to ramp up, I started traveling a lot and was having trouble [...]

Go swimming.

As we enter a period where we are supposed to practice social distancing, I take comfort in the act of swimming, surrounded by chlorinated water ready to dilute germs from others swimming with me. Whether true or not, it feels like a safe space to interact with other humans while getting a great workout with [...]


We have been receiving regular doses of slushing. Heavy, wet, rain that doesn't completely melt when it hits the ground. It holds just enough structure to accumulate if unperturbed, but when a foot (or car) enters, it sprays a cold watery mess. This makes for quite unpleasant running conditions. Especially if it is actively slushing [...]