Time Management

Fitting training time in with life, and wussing out a little bit due to the weather!

Managing long-distance triathlon training with the rest of life is always somewhat of a challenge. This is true particularly at the beginning if it isn’t replacing another form of exercise or directly replacing another activity. At this point, I generally have a rhythm and stick to it fairly well. I follow my plan and don’t give it too much thought beyond that except when my body needs a break. This usually means that triathlon takes the priority over the rest of life absent unusual work or family demands on my time. That’s great, and I am thrilled with my routine, but lately I have also been quite overwhelmed with my ‘other’ to do list. Thus, when it was pouring Sunday morning, the weather report called for 1 to 2 inches of rain throughout the day, and I had a 3 hour run planned…it was a great opportunity to cut my run in half and put the time in on other parts of that to do list! To some extent long distance triathlon has to take over a lot of life, but for me I also want to try for flexibility. This year I am trying it out with more flexibility and less training…we will see how it works out for me!