Heart rate monitors

After poor experience with a chest monitor, I found a band that can fit on my forearm and read heart rate.

The gold standard for heart rate monitors are the chest strap versions. However, as a curvy women, or possibly just as a human, these have caused a lot of chafing. A couple of years ago I found a heart rate band that can go around my forearm or bicep. I love it! It doesn’t bother me running or cycling. I am not one to geek out and compare this with different chest strap versions for accuracy, however DC Rainmaker is and he found the model I am using to be quite accurate.

  • you do need something to pick up the monitor, probably a watch with that capability.
  • many watches these days come with a built in HR reader. Last I researched the issue, consensus seemed to be that they were generally okay and somewhat accurate except when you got up into high intensity. Technology could have changed drastically since I was looking into it, however.