Eating out is entertainment

It’s good to be honest about the fact that eating out is a form of entertainment.

I choose not to eat out very much. I like the food I cook, I like to be in control of the ingredients, and generally it isn’t how I choose to spend my downtime and my discretionary income.

Yesterday I listened to this podcast with the founder of a restaurant who mentioned that eating at a restaurant is something we do for entertainment. While I have generally thought in these terms, hearing someone so clearly state it was refreshing, and I think that we would all be wise to separate in our minds eating for sustenance and eating for entertainment.

Eating out can be a phenomenal and useful experience. It can be sustenance when on vacation, sometimes, when you don’t have the capability to cook. And it can be useful. I have fond memories of eating with big groups of people. A restaurant saves lots of time and effort and let’s everyone in the group just relax and enjoy the company or event. Sitting down to someone’s venue is also great for a business meeting because they provide calm atmospheres that are public and easy to enter without fuss. I have other fond memories of finding gems while on vacation with my husband where we have just been tickled by an amazing meal experience. At the right time, it is a form of entertainment that I love.

But it isn’t a faster way to get dinner at the end of the day. I’m sure that I could have a meal at home ready quicker than even a fast food restaurant could (if I were going for speed). And with some prep work over the weekend it makes it even easier and quicker. Not to mention healthier and cheaper.