Calf compression sleeves for recovery

My experience with compression socks that are supposed to help with recovery. Verdict: they do seem to help.

At some point awhile back during another bout of high-volume training, I was worrying about getting sore and over training and purchased some calf sleeves that are supposed to help with circulation and recovery. Some people wear them while running. I think I have in the past but not in recent memory. I haven’t used them in awhile, but I decided to bring them with me on this recent trip with a half marathon race. I was thinking that since I would work harder in the race than I usually do training, perhaps something that could help with recovery would be worthwhile.

The morning after the race, I was a bit sore, and we went for a couple hour hike. I decided to try the calf sleeves, and I must say that they did seem to help. I instantly felt like I had an extra jump to my step. Perhaps it was mental, but I think I should keep them around and keep using them. I also think they would help on long flights.

I have these CEP calf socks (there is a men’s version too). I think a few companies are making compression products, though I think these are the main calf sleeves on the market, at least that I am aware of.

(If you were hoping for more on bike fueling…it’s coming soon I promise, but this was very timely and fresh in my mind!)