Pushing the button.

Waiting for the perfect time to sign up for a race? It will never come. Sign up and enjoy the ride!!

Have you considered signing up for a long-distance triathlon but stopped because it isn’t the right time to commit to it?

It will never be the perfect time. Long-distance triathlons take 6 months to years to train for (depending on your starting point). If you have a job, and a family, and are a human being in this crazy world, you will never get 6 plus months without interruption. Without needing to take a break from training due to a family emergency or an injury. Without needing to make do with weird training circumstances during travel, or when your local pool has to shut down for maintenance.

If you have thought about it. If you are looking at races. Then you are ready and now is the right time. Click the button and enjoy the craziness that will come next. You will be glad you did.

[If you are in the U.S. and reading this on Tuesday November 6th…then you know it is election day. If you sign up for my daily email…thank you, and the election is now behind us. I considered pointing out in my post today that if you have time to think about doing a triathlon at all, then you have time to educate yourself about where you want to put your votes and then to do it. But I do not think that my telling you to do anything will be motivating. Nor do I have other wise words on the subject and it seems that everyone on the internet is sending out something about voting today. I will share my personal favorite piece on the subject here.]