The Turkey Trot

Do you have a tradition of participating in a Turkey Trot race on Thanksgiving morning? Is it a family tradition, and do you enjoy getting folks out for the fun event who often do not otherwise do races or walks and maybe even people who are not very active? 

I think it is a great tradition. I love the Thanksgiving holiday because of the focus on friends and family; but of course there is also a focus on indulging in treats, overeating, and over-drinking. According to Wikipedia, Turkey Trot’s are held because people anticipate overindulging later in the day and want to feel better about eating more after burning a few calories in the morning. But I think there is a different focus as well. It provides for a fun, fitness related activity to do with family. Not just out of guilt, but for the fun of it. They also usually support a good cause, so it is a way to help others while helping yourself. 

I should say that I haven’t actually done one. It just hasn’t worked out for me in my Thanksgiving pasts. However, some friends and family did this Thanksgiving and it got me thinking what a great idea it is. 

I was curious of the history. I didn’t find much interesting, but here is one place to look if interested. 

I hope you had fun over the holiday weekend but also that you still feel great and didn’t overdo it into the ‘yuck’ feeling zone!

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