The best gift for a triathlete (from a live-in partner)

Your own support, understanding, and teamwork is the best gift that you could give the triathlete on your list.

This time of year every retail business has lists out of what to get this person or that person. Triathletes are certainly not left off of these lists. But what triathlete really wants a purchased item that they didn’t specifically request? Maybe a little thing here or there, but for the most part I think we tend to get pretty specific about the gear we want! 

Rather than gear, I think the best thing that a significant other (or child or parent) could give a triathlete in their home is the gift of support. That individual will have to put up with a lot, from a stinky partner most of the time, massive amounts of laundry, early mornings, weekends spent on the bike or out on a run. Maybe even hijacked vacations where you have to bring extra luggage (A friggin bike on vacation!). 

How can you wrap that type of support and put it under a tree? I have been trying to think of something fun. Some fun way that other family members can tell their triathlete that they are supportive. 

Below is a link to what I have come up with so far. Just a small little thing. I will keep thinking of it though, and maybe by next year I will come up with a little item for sale through this site that you can put on your wish list. I think it could be a fun way to spark an important conversation about what it means to sign up for a full season, or a single long-distance triathlon. These are important conversations that could take a family member by surprise.