A shooting star

With all the grueling 4:30am wake ups, pouring rain runs, and slogs through workouts that you may not want to start, training for something big can occasionally feel like work. But then there are the rewards. Every once in awhile you get those moments that more than make it all worthwhile!

This morning I headed out, in the dark, and without my running buddy who has been choosing to stay at home sometimes ( my dog). It was cool and I was running on snow that had been slushy but was now frozen. It was an interval run. I had trouble getting my heart rate up there where I wanted it, but was doing okay and getting higher each time. Just as it was barely starting to get light and I was starting to see the snowy peaks outlined along the horizon, I looked up ahead and saw a shooting star. This may be the first one I have ever seen here in Juneau and it was a very special treat! Made my day and I’ll be ready for tomorrow!! 

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