When the reality hits.

Adjusting workouts as the temperature plummets and coming to terms with the fact I signed up for them!

Right. I knew I signed up for a race that would involve training for an Ironman through a winter in Alaska.

It sounded like such a good idea…

I’m not complaining. But I am reminding myself that being the wuss that I am, training in the middle of winter is going to involve some schedule rearranging at times.

On long-run-day this past weekend, after hearing wind howling out our bedroom window all evening, I awoke to a weather report calling for gusts up to 60 mph through midday. I was exhausted anyhow and enjoyed an excuse to wait until the afternoon. I had no energy later in the day and it was still freaking cold and somewhat windy…I didn’t go outside or supplement with anything else.

I fit the long run in the following day (though instead of a swim workout). Sort of. I was so cold in the morning run that I split it into two 70 minute runs – AM and PM. Not the same as one long run for sure, but making do and learning.

It was about 18 degrees Fahrenheit and not cold enough to affect my lungs, so running really should be fine–which means I am clearly not sure how to prepare for a long run in such conditions. I may not have the right equipment or haven’t properly figured out what to layer on. I did do better for the later run, and I think the wind had calmed down (it was only a light wind in the morning, but enough to make a big difference). On my legs, I didn’t add more clothing, but did use this warming cream that I mentioned before. It really does seem to help keep those leg muscles warmer!! It was also snowing and a lovely time to be out…if still too darn cold.

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