Letting go

Acknowledging when we will miss a workout and just letting it go may have benefits to our mental state that week.

I may be alone in this…but I really dread afternoon or evening workouts. Somehow I have no problem getting up at 4:30am, meditating, drinking coffee, and then getting to the pool, out for a run, or onto the bike. I hardly think about it and I’m not sure I can think of a time at least recently where I made some excuse not to do the workout (sometimes I am traveling or have a legit reason, but not the kind of escapeism when I think about another time I can do the workout).

Evenings are a totally different story. Sometimes I dread the workout all day long, and it isn’t rare that I come up with reasons to move the workout. Sometimes legit, often not really.

If I have a legitimate reason, then it is SO much better to just let it go earlier in the day. My day will be much more restful if I know I will not be spending 90 minutes on the bike later in the day. Sometimes, when I don’t let it go and just cross the workout off, it means that I’m trying to make it up all week and I never get that mental benefit of knowing I am done working out by 8am.

How often do we often do this with our to-do lists? How often do we carry things over day after day and week after week as the dread and guilt build and build. Can we actually just cross 90% of those items off – just not do them? What really would happen? And just how much lighter would we feel and how much more could we enjoy the present moment without the weight of the guilt and dread?

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