Do you see yourself as an athlete deep down inside you? If not, perhaps this change in mindset will help you overcome any resistance to putting in the training you want to do.

Do you have a training plan but struggle to execute? Or maybe you do not have a plan yet because you want to get in better shape, but you have trouble fitting in your planned workouts because there is always something in the way? Do the reasons even feel completely legitimate – you had too much work to do on your lunch to get to the gym, your kid was sick and you had to pick her up early – so no gym after work, you had to call your mom because she needs to talk to you about something really important?

I strongly believe that different techniques work for different people to overcome such resistance to doing what we want to do; and we all need to find what works for us. But something that may help you if you have similar struggles is to change your mindset to believe that you are an athlete. What do athletes do? Athletes show up at the gym. Again, and again, and again. They make time for it even when inconvenient, when they don’t want to, and when they are not feeling well.

For Steven Pressfield, he saw himself as a real writer when he thought of himself as a real writer. After years and writing most of two drafts of novels, he had nearly given up on thinking of himself as a writer, until one day he just was. It felt right for him to be a writer. Writing brought calm and peace to his life. In his mind he saw himself as a pro, and he kept writing. He wasn’t “successful,” or didn’t make any money at it, for about 10 years, but that shift in his mind made all the difference.

Steven shared this story in his interview with Brian Koppleman on The Moment podcast. It’s a great conversation whether your battle is exercise or even more relatedly, a creative pursuit. He writes about resistance in his book The War of Art (which I also recommend! It’s a quick and fun read).

Are you ready to call yourself an athlete and start living like one?

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