Amazing race volunteers.

A few highlights of the great volunteers at Ironman New Zealand.

As you can gather, yesterday I was occupied with Ironman New Zealand, and my husband Quinn kindly posted for me – a little about the spouse perspective. Many people would have had plenty of time to chime in during the day, but as a back of the packer, I did not make it back to technology until after 12am, and I wouldn’t have been quite coherent in posting. I am still quite tired and not thinking too clearly, so I will keep this post brief. In the next few days I will provide a race report.

I had heard that the volunteers for Ironman New Zealand were great, and boy was it true! I heard that there were over 2000 volunteers who help put the race on throughout the entire weekend. These were sponsored by Mercury, which appears to be an electricity company. I’m not positive if that means more than providing the t-shirts, but that alone is huge so that they can stand out.

All were amazing and the race was overall well-supported, but here are a few of the things that really stood out:

  • When I put my bike into transition on Friday, a volunteer personally took me to my number where I was to leave my bike. She then offered to give me a personalized tour of transition!
  • When I entered the changing tent after the swim portion, a lovely woman helped to pull my wetsuit off and then applied sunscreen to me while I focused on getting my bike shoes on.
  • During the bike I was worried about having enough sunscreen on, and I stopped at an aid station. One nice young man took my bike from me to hold it, and another volunteer applied sunscreen where I asked her to!
  • In my second transition, I had two volunteers helping me – one applying sunscreen, another helping me with my shoes and putting nutrition in my tri suit. She even tied one of my shoes!
  • After crossing the finish line and entering the recovery area, I received a hug from a ‘hugger’ – that was apparently her job!

They really make the race and it is such a long day for them! Very nice experience and a big thumbs up for this race!

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