Stress dreams and getting back to it.

A stress dream that I wasn’t planning my workouts! Sigh…subconscious stand down.

I had a dream last night in which I was very stressed because I hadn’t planned a workout into my day. People around me were clearly training for various things and it felt as if I had forgotten to create my plan too.

At first I thought this was a sign that I was ready to start exercising regularly and in planned ways again. Then I realized that this dream is probably rooted in coming across a triathlon in our travels yesterday. I think my subconscious was like ‘wait…it’s a triathlon…that’s what you do…but you’re not…what’s wrong with you!’

The truth is, I’m too sleep deprived and have been eating a diet that isn’t ideal for me to feel well. We will be back home soon, and once I get settled I’m sure then my body will really feel ready for planned exercise…hopefully without the dreams stressed attached to it.

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