Time to ride outside?

The streets are being swept in our town (from all of the gravel put down on the snow throughout the winter). It must really be time for me to ride outside again.

This isn’t something I am good at doing often. When I am not following a training plan, biking is the last of the three sports that I will choose to do on my own. Last summer I tried to stay cycle fit by attending indoor classes during the week and then riding outside or on the trainer on the weekend.

Why don’t I get outside more? The weather often isn’t that great and I pout; and if I’m short of time I have this fear down deep (probably just a convenient unconscious excuse) that I will have a flat or another problem and then it will delay me and ruin my day. This doesn’t happen often so I should get over it!

What are you excited about doing more of as the seasons change? What challenges do you want to push yourself to do more of in the summertime (if here in the Northern Hemisphere)?

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