Your leadership.

I think a lot about leadership. It is a topic that interests me and I think it gets at the core of our humanity. defines leadership as heading up a group (“the position or function of a leader, a person who guides or directs a group; the leaders of a group”); but also as simply “the ability to lead.”

Even if we are not formally in charge of a group of people, we can be leaders in everything we do.

I think we can be leaders in how we structure our own lives – how we structure our days allows us to be more or less present and inspirational to others.

I think we can be leaders in our interactions with others. Indeed, I think we are whether we like it or not and whether we realize it or not.

When you structure your days to fit your workouts in. When you choose to go to the gym despite an easy excuse. You are leading. You are leading your present and future self, and you are guiding or directing those around you. It may be minor. You may not notice it. But whatever choices you make day to day have a subtle role in spreading and changing what those around you do.

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