Planning in life vs. Triathlon.

Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.

~ Bill Gates

Planning for life is difficult! How much should we plan on doing each year? How do we map out within the year? Month? Week, and day? Thinking about five or ten years is far more daunting.

Think back to what you were doing 10 years ago. What changes were made? Probably some pretty huge changes for you and those around you. But over last year? Sometimes those changes are more difficult to recognize.

At the very beginning of this year, I wrote out a plan for the year with a focus for each month or even set of months. I recently pulled out this list to help me decide what to focus my energy on right now, and my ambition is quite laughable! I planned to have already written a book and to have it at the publisher already (I was planning to self publish), and I intended to start writing another book later in the year. Nope. All I have for the first book are some notes. A good start…but far, far, far from finished!

One great thing about triathlon is that you are forced to plan a very specific progression. I have written plans that last 6 months, providing structure throughout that time period. And since I usually anticipate the next race, it means that I have to have some kind of weekly plan to keep a base fitness.

I find this a refreshing contrast to the rest of my life; how about you?

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