Sleeves with covers for warmth.

I have a long sleeve shirt that can cover up my hands like a little mitten. I hadn’t ever used this feature until recently, but in doing so, I discovered that it is just a delightful design on a cool day. While you can of course pull your sleeves down when running, by covering up your hand entirely, it blocks the cold air from entering. Gloves, of course, are designed for this purpose, but on a cool day when you aren’t sure you will need gloves or you may only be cold for a short period, having the fabric attached to your shirt saves you from having to store anything.

Normal sleeve.
Same shirt, but hand protected in it’s little fabric cocoon.

Google is not providing me with a name for this type of shirt (maybe because what in the heck does one search for? I tried something like “shirt that covers hands” to no avail). This particular shirt is from Costco and is many years old. They seem to change stock a lot, so unfortunately, I doubt that will help you find this particular shirt – but I’m sure I have seen them before, and you may just want to get one for those cool days.

*North American readers are entering summer and you are probably enjoying warmer weather, making this untimely. Enjoy your warmth…we still have snow flurries here in Alaska.

*The last week or so I posted about not overspending on triathlon. The irony that I follow that set of posts up with a suggestion to purchase an item that is only marginally useful and by no means necessary is not lost on me. Maybe it can go on your own “long term items I want” list to save for when you actually need another long sleeve running shirt.

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