The future of aid stations?

Do the trash bags of used cups and water bottles at triathlons make you cringe? Do you ever feel a tinge of guilt about the waste you produce at races?

I do! It hasn’t stopped me from participating, but I’m convinced that there are better ways to do things and a market for new environmentally friendly products for races.

This morning I learned about a new product just coming out that may change the face of racing…eventually. A company called Notpla is producing biodegradable sachet’s made from seaweed that also appear to be edible. Some sachet’s filled with water have been used at one marathon aid station so far, but I suspect this is where we are headed. I hope this is where we are heading!

(As a race director, I contacted the company to find out more. I will report if I hear from them…I imagine they are not prepared to provide much inventory quite yet and imagine prices are still high).

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