A thought on beauty.

I have recently started wearing makeup on a regular basis. I never learned much about makeup except for a couple of things from someone who gave me a facial in college. Thus, on the rare occasion I felt like I should wear makeup (usually just for court appearances) I would put makeup on in that one way I was taught.

I am not sure why I am starting to wear it more regularly now, though it somehow feels more professional; and if I’m honest with myself I like the way I look.

I thought I should branch out more and learn other ways to use makeup. In doing so, I realized that I was hung up on “getting it right.”

I then realized that there really isn’t any right way. I see people wear makeup in many ways that I personally wouldn’t choose, and I see other people wear makeup in a way that I love. If I like the look of how I applied makeup, then isn’t that the point, and shouldn’t I be happy with it? This isn’t something black and white, it is something I can play around with.

I think I feel this way about makeup because it is out of my comfort zone. But I think my lesson applies to so much more. How many of us are caught up in feeling the need to look a certain “right” way. And for what? Let’s get in touch with our own views and create a look that makes us feel good looking in the mirror.

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