The joys of our more mature years.

Yesterday I wrote about my dogs aging muscles, but today the signs of my aging were glaringly obvious as well.

I was the lady with the ear plugs in an exercise class.

Have you ever been in an exercise class and felt the music was just too loud? What did you do?

I was recently in a class and in pain from the volume. It was all I could focus on and I worried that I may cause long-term damage.

I was also right in front of the speaker, oops, but to my credit I had sat (cycle class) in that same place in the same class a number of times and been fine.

This time I wasn’t. I figured I could get through it, but when I looked at my watch just halfway in, I decided I needed to act. Instead of just moving, I asked the instructor to turn it down. It was clear that people further back weren’t happy about it so she didn’t really turn it down but kindly brought me earplugs moments later. Who knew they kept them at the back of the room?

Here’s the thing though. Yes, I was a little embarrassed…but that quickly passed and I was SO relieved to have the noise level down. I could still hear music and the instructor just fine, but at a level that allowed me to focus on what I was actually doing.

That’s where the aging comes in. Sure, wearing earplugs may feel old. But the maturity of just being thrilled to be hanging out at cycle class with my colored earplugs in is a big step. So a big shout out to those pluses that come with age!

Have you noticed similar changes as you mature?

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