I didn’t realize it before, but I clearly need that gadget!

A few tips to consider before making another tri purchase.

There are SO MANY things we can buy to make our triathlon life better, and SO MANY more things on the market that are easy to think we need, only to find them sitting around for years unused.

Sometimes we need to try things for ourselves to discover the items that make our trilife so much better. Recognizing how many freaking creams I suddenly had in my house is the reason I started this blog! However, we can also save time and money if we are honest with ourselves about what we are really likely to use. I recently pulled out an old pair of running shoes and found a Milestone Pod attached to them (the one I have is no longer made). This is supposed to track different running metrics such as cadence and whether I am running on the balls of my feet. I looked at the data it gathers a couple of times – but didn’t trust it enough or wasn’t willing to spend the time to actually track it to try and improve on the metrics it tracked. Hence forgetting I had it, and having no interest in using it again.

Here are a couple of thoughts to consider before making another triathlon purchase – whether you want to save money, or simply want to have less stuff sitting around unused and in your way:

  • If the product solves a problem that you didn’t realize you had, then you probably don’t need it. Give yourself a week, and if you still want to try it, go for it, but avoid the impulse buys in this category.
  • If it is a tracking device, remember that data is only useful if it is actually used. How will you use the data? How much time will it take to analyze it? Will you truly invest that time?
  • If there is a problem you are trying to solve, do you have something on hand to try first? Some tri products are useful for purposes other than their main market purpose – for example, chamois cream is great for anti-chaffing under bike or tri shorts, but it works great in other areas prone to chaffing too.
  • Do you have a product sample from a race that you can try out before buying a large bottle?

Happy conscious gathering for your trilife!

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