A cooling towel.

I received a Yeti Cooling Towel one time in a race packet. It’s advertised as a cloth that can be worn around your head or neck etc to help stay cool. When wet, it is supposed to provide rapid cooling as opposed to other fabrics.

I used mine for the first time on my recent warm-weather hike. It actually seemed to work quite well.

I’m sure I looked silly – I wore it as a scarf which one would question on such a warm day.

I didn’t actually run into anyone while wearing it, but if you see someone on a warm day or in a race wearing a scarf – this might be what they are wearing.

It doesn’t appear that you can purchase this particular brand individually – the Yeti Cooling Towel appears to only be a promotional item. In other words, companies purchase them, put their logo on them, and distribute. The one I received advertises Global Diognostics.

But, if you received one at a race, it might be worth trying if you haven’t already. I personally think that in a race it would just get in the way, but may serve you well in other warm-weather situations.

Sporting my Yeti Cooling Towel as a scarf

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