Seasonal reflection.

With half the year behind us, what did your first part of 2019 look like?

If you have a packed racing season, how has it gone so far? Are you still feeling pumped for what’s ahead, or are you perhaps a little tired of all the training – both emotionally and mentally?

Perhaps you have races on the calendar but haven’t been training as much as you would like to be to prepare?

Now is a good time to change the direction you are headed if reflection helps you to find something missing. That may mean taking a break for a period, or doing some cross training only for a week – ditch the training plan and break free. Or it could mean getting that training plan back out and committing to stick to it! Alternatively, if life has gotten in the way and the plan is too ambitious, you can make changes. Can your shorten the training hours but still be prepared to race? Or should you let a race go, or even pick a shorter distance if that’s an option.

I’m still enjoying my training free-summer I’m a bit surprised to say. I did decide to join the gym and started with Masters again, and both have been welcome. I have been building more upper body strength and getting higher quality workouts in shorter periods of time, leaving me more time for some other life projects as well as playing in the mountains at my own pace.

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