Do you have more rhubarb than you know what to do with? Here’s a savory recipe to try.

A neighbor recently offered some of her rhubarb for our consumption. Readers in Juneau will know that it is one of the few things that grows here in abundance. I personally have never cooked with it, but I happily accepted my neighbor’s offer and took some stalks.

Knowing that most recipes involve baked goodies with lots of sugar, I looked for a more savory option and went with a BBQ sauce (recipe found here). We tried it with chicken on the 4th of July – and it was very good! If you have lots of rhubarb, this is definitely a good option for it.

It does call for brown sugar, ketchup, and molasses – all sugar. I reduced from the recipe only slightly because I hadn’t made it before and because I wanted to give some to our neighbor. I can report that it was still much sweeter than needed and would suggest that you can leave out some of the sweetener items (I think you could easily remove all the brown sugar entirely) or reduce them all by at least 50%.

Let me know how you like it if you try it.

Happy grilling!

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