Mindfulness in tri & life.

How often do you tune in to how you hold your body when exercising? Using your core in the aero position will help decrease fatigue. I’m no expert in running form, trust me, but posture is extremely important to decrease injury and for your best results.

If you let your mind wander like I do, it will take effort initially to tune in with your form periodically during workouts. However, over time it will become easier and easier to remember, and eventually, a habit.

Focusing on your body in the present moment is an example of mindfulness and can have benefits in other areas as well.

Think about your posture in a conversation at work. Are your shoulders open, inviting others into the conversation? Or are you hunched over, closed in, and demonstrating that you are disengaged?

What about eating? Paying attention to chewing your food is essential for proper digestions, and will likely lead to eating less.

There is a really nice visual about mindfulness at work that I found at this source. The post contains a lot of other information about mindfulness and meditation and how you may (and why you probably want to) incorporate it into your daily life.

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