Do you have a rushed mindset, or a controlled calmness mindset?

I recently learned about a study in which theological students were asked to give a sermon on the Good Samaritan. The sermon was going to be recorded – there were not a bunch of people waiting for them. They were told that it was for a study about the power of a sermon.

It wasn’t actually. Instead, on their way to deliver the sermon, participants passed a woman in an alleyway in need of help.

Most of them did stop to help unless they were told beforehand that they were running late and had to hurry. When they were in a hurry, 80% of students who were on their way to deliver a sermon on the Good Sumaritan passed by the woman in need of help.

Your life is probably busy. If you are trying to fit long-distance triathlon training into it, then it may feel even busier. But our attitude about busyness can go a long way in shaping our behaviors in the moment.

How can you shift to take the time for what’s important to you? Can you get it all done with a different attitude? Or cut out things to create more space, or more slack in the system as Tim Ferriss says?

This study amazes me, and yet, I know the power of a stressful, business mindset and could imagine walking right by. I have recently made more space and have noticed the added calmness to which I approach things…such as an email that I need to address.

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