Turning weakness into strength.

Maybe your weaknesses, the things you were teased about as a kid, or the things you dislike most about yourself – what if those things can become your biggest strengths? How can you capitalize on the skills you achieved just living through life with your perceived weakness? How can you flip it on its head?

This applies to our overall lives, but I think this applies to sport for many people as well – if we commit and are dedicated to working the most on our weakest fitness link. Though, I think most of us are drawn to do the opposite.

Hat tip to Whitney Johnson’s latest podcast…listen for more about playing to your strengths.

Also, if you enjoy thinking about what it means to be a giver without expecting anything in return, listen to her podcast with Adam Grant, the author of the book Give and Take. Reading that book is what inspired my two posts about giving and taking (read them here and here). (Note: I’m still near the beginning of the book, but it is thought provoking).

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