How long would you want to live?

If you could extend your lifespan, would you want to? How far? 100? 150? 200?

There are a number of health fads popular currently that are aimed at trying to maximize lifespan, but it is all based on theory because the science is new enough and studies on humans obviously would take over a century. Thus, you would have to decide what you are willing to do for the possibility of extending your natural life – in the event that something else doesn’t take you out.

I think the thought is actually really scary. In the U.S., we have a standard way to spend a lifespan. Education, work, retire. If you ended up living much longer than expected, you could be really screwed if you didn’t plan for it.

I would have other environmental fears as well. And there is some excitement thrown in. But I think it’s an interesting thought experiment and also important to realize how unsettling the whole idea could be to most of us. Especially since it is likely that our lifespans will continue to increase, even if we don’t figure out how to increase the speed of the curve from where we are at now.

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