Controlling the mind to focus on one task at a time.

I can be a very anxious and scattered person. When I’m doing something with a lot of pieces in my head and bouncing from one to the next it is very unsettling.

Does that ever happen to you? Maybe at work – you find yourself responding to emails all day in a somewhat frantic fashion if there are many conversations going on at once, or many things you are responding to?

Slowly, over time, I am getting better at doing one thing at a time. If I have a list and focus on running through it, I am much calmer and more in control (as opposed to doing whatever it is I think of to do next without a clear plan of attack).

I’m still phenomenally susceptible to jumping around to respond to that email or this text. Indeed, sometimes that is necessary when important things are happening. But the more I learn to control my mind, reactions, and to lay out a plan, the calmer I feel. I’m sure this also makes me a better person t obe around.

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